Thursday, April 14, 2011

VMWare Cloud Foundry

VMWare launched Colud foundry, an open extensible PaaS cloud built entirely on Ruby. VMWare is focusing on the following 3 key differentiators
  • Multi-cloud - Enables seamless transition between Private,  public and hybrid clouds
  • Multi-framework - Spring (Java), Rails (Ruby) and Node.js - extensible to other frameworks
  • Multiple applications
Checkout this quick intro
VMWare is pitching the Cloud Foundry directly to the developer community. This strategy is well summarized by this quote by one of the VMWare developers "Developers should write code, not IT trouble tickets"..

Time will tell how well the developer community adopts this new service. Nonetheless, VMWare has managed to set itself apart from the multitudes of 'also ran's (read other run of the mill cloud service providers).