Sunday, March 1, 2009

10 habits of highly effective IT professionals

Just completed reading Simon Stapleton's ebook titled '10 habits of highly effective IT professionals'. Here are the habits Simon propounds
  1. Openly share knowledge
  2. Coach Others
  3. Learn by reviewing
  4. Focus on strengths and strive to avoid weaknesses
  5. Remember that "everybody is a resource"
  6. Effectively deliver value
  7. Delegate effectively
  8. Escalate at the right time
  9. Actively participate in a value chain
  10. Create the right work-life balance

My take - it's a nice refresher of habits we know but at times ignore. Good news it's available for free download at after a quick registration.

Recommended reading.

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Simon Stapleton ( said...

Hi Lalatendu - thanks for your link! It was a nice surprise. I hope my book adds value to your readers. I strongly believe that the key to success (whether working inside an organization, or as a freelancer) is effectiveness in delivering value.
The book was written mostly for a US/UK audience, but I really hope it ports to other countries. If it doesn't - well I'd love to hear about it and maybe there are opportunities for a co-authoring for these countries.
Thanks again...