Friday, September 17, 2010

Lotus Traveler on Android - Lotus Mail

Follow-up to my previous blog post, I explored Lotus Traveler on Android client in detail. Here are my findings on Lotus Mail

Folder Options:
  • Provides the following four folder options by default

    • 'Inbox'
    • 'Draft'
    • 'Outbox'
    • 'Sent'
  • Personal folders are not support yet (at least in the current beta)
  • Existing emails in the sent folders are not synchronized by default

  • Displays up to 5 emails (Only!) without having to scroll. Personally I would prefer to see a better use of available real estate 
  • Nice little message icon (highlighted) appears on the Action bar, whenever you have an unread mail. Nice feature to inform you about new mail, even if you are using some other application at the time email arrives
  • What is key here is IBM approaches a minimalistic design and you don't see any menu options upfront. You need to use the 'Menu' of your handset to invoke what we call in android world as the 'Options Menu' 

Available Actions:

By invoking the Options Menu, you get the following actions on the Inbox
  • Compose - (Needless to say) composes a new memo
  • Settings - Opens all application setting (including mail, calendar etc)
  • Show folders
  • Sync Now
  • Search Mail - Queer observation - Search mail, doesn't work unless your mail database is full text indexed (!) - but you don't get any such warnings. Not a high degree of user experience on the search

Other Observations:
  • Attachments of any kind are NOT Supported yet
  • Easy browsing through emails as you get some contextual actions to move to next email or delete the current email
  • Ability to search for names before adding to the sender list
  • IBM has not exposed any APIs to customize the current Lotus Traveler for android. Hence it's a closed package now, take it or leave it

Up Next - My observations on the calender feature of Lotus Traveler for Android

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would it be possible to send me the LotusInstall.apk and LotusTraveler.apk for some testing in my private enviroment?


would be great