Friday, September 2, 2011

Offline Google Docs - Too little too late

Google (re)announced offline feature on Google docs recently. For those who noticed, would also remember that Google Gears was decommissioned nearly an year ago, hence this new HTML 5 version took too long to get to beta status. Is the new offline version worth the wait?

I guess are some important notes about new offline capability (source: Google Docs help)

  • You'll need to Set up Docs offline from your Documents List to start accessing your documents and spreadsheets without an Internet connection.
  • Offline access is available in Chrome only. (Oops!)
  • Offline access is available only for documents and spreadsheets. Presentations, drawings and other items from your Documents List are not available offline at this time. 
  • ('s in Beta anyway)
  • Documents and spreadsheets are only available in view-only mode. You must restore your Internet connection to make any edits. (??!@#? - useless..I stopped reading next two points)
  • You can't create new documents and spreadsheets while you're offline.
  • You'll need to allow offline access separately on each computer where you want to view your Google Docs offline.

I wish Evernote comes up with a spreadsheet application. Till then, I will stick to the 'online' google docs..

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